Considering a Citizen Science project? – This is how the library can assist you

Friday 14 Feb 20


DTU Library - Datamanagement
Love Data Week - Day 5

The video on Day 5 of Love Data Week introduces you to the ten principles of Citizen Science, and how the library can help you in different stages of a Citizen Science project – from planning to dissemination.

If you start your project with developing a Data Management Plan, you ensure to establish the best practices for data management, and that you follow the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data.

When concluding the project you can publish your data in DTU Data and give something back to the citizens and society. DTU Library can guide and support you in the phases and in using tools and platforms.   

PilDevelop your DMP in the Online tool DMP Online
PilRead more about the FAIR principles
PilDiscover how researchers at DTU publish their research data in DTU Data 
PilRead more about Citizen Science projects

Contact DTU Library to learn more about Citizen Science and DTU Library's data management services.


Love Data Week

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