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What does Open Access have to do with COVID-19?

Monday 20 Apr 20


Gitte Bruun Jensen
Head of Library
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Corona extra

Here  you will find a list of the publishers' Corona sites and the additional literature that we have temporarily added during the Corona crisis in DTU Findit.

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Access to Danish and international research for all

The major multinational publishers are currently proudly giving access to the part of their publications dealing with Coronavirus and COVID-19. The publishers, of course, are doing this because Open Access is the only way to ensure that everyone has access to all relevant scientific literature on COVID-19, which is one of the prerequisites for resolving this worldwide social crisis as quickly as possible.

At DTU Library, we have created an easy way to find Open Access publications, which are free for everyone to use, that is, all publications are available and meet the Open Access requirements. They can be used by everyone, free of the publishers' usual paywalls.

Single point of searching in DTU Findit
Everyone is welcome to use DTU's access to Open Access publications via DTU Findit. You find it by using the "Access" / Available online facet in the search interface, after making your search.

DTU Findit contains around 37.5 million Open Access publications and covers data sources such as a wide range of institutional repositories, for example all Danish universities' research databases, specific subject databases such as arXiv.org as well as DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books) and Unpaywall.

Researchers, students and others with an interest in Danish and foreign published research can use those 37.5 million articles. The research is primarily funded by the public through basic funding for universities or funding through research grants.

Good luck with your searching.

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