Webinar: Copyright for researchers and teachers

- part of our Search, cite, publish webinar series, 2022

The aim of this webinar is to help you navigate the do’s and don’t’s of copyright when working and publishing on a paper or project.

The webinar will include tips on how to

  • Recognize the fundamental concepts of copyright
  • Use images, tables, figures and texts legally 
  • Navigate agreements with publishers
  • Protect your own works while still sharing

Copyright rules, Exceptions, Creative Commons, Copyleft, Agreements with publishers

Suggested reading 

Watch: Copyright and creativity by CopyrightUser.org for a super quick and entertaining introduction to why copyright is important.

Read: A very good book on basic copyright - in Danish: Ophavsret for begyndere. En bog til ikke-jurister af Morten Rosenmeier

Webinar, online via Zoom.
The webinar will include a presentation as well as hands-on assignments.
The presentation will be in English.

This webinar is run by information consultant Kasper Bøgh

Sign up
To sign up or get further info please send an email to bibliotek@dtu.dk


Wed 15 Jun 22
14:00 - 16:00


DTU Bibliotek


Online via Zoom