Searching for life science and chemistry information and literature with Relaxys

DTU Library has booked a training session focusing on the database Reaxys. Reaxys is a tool for retrieval of chemistry and life science information and data – covering information from compounds, reactions, properties, synthesis as well as experimental procedures. Find organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry from this reliable source.

Two trainers from Elsevier/Reaxys will guide us through all the many nice features and possibilities.

Please bring your computer, and we provide the training and coffee.

DTU Library, building 101D, Lyngby – the stage

Date & time:
15 January, 12.00-14.30

Please send an email: - before Monday, 3 January

Learn more on Relaxys


devided into 3 parts

Session 1: Focus on literature search
1. Quick search (Keywords, Boolean operators and wildcards)
2. Query builder (Field and History)
3. Diving into the Result panel

Session 2: Focus on structure search
1. Quick search (text and structure search)
2. Query builder (chemical structure combined with properties)
3. MarvinJS/ChemDraw editor (drawing tools and checkbox panel)
4. Diving into the Result panel

Session 3: Focus on reaction search
1. Quick search (text and reaction search)
2. Query builder (reaction conditions)
3. Reaction search (product/reagent/catalyst, Atom mapping, Reacting center)
4. Diving into the Result panel

We look forward to see as many as possible, both for DTU researchers and DTU students.


Wed 15 Jan 20
12:00 - 14:30


DTU Library


DTU Library, Lyngby