Introduction for students at DTU Diplom

Courses in information searching are offered to students at DTU Diplom during the first four semesters.

The objective is to systematically expand your information competences. These competences are a significant tool for solving present and future challenges during your studies as well as in your work life.

At the courses you will achieve knowledge about and techniques within information searching based on study projects.

Information competence is to be able to:

  • Identify information needs and phrase questions based on the needs 
  • Realise that relevant and sufficient information is the basis for intelligent decision making
  • Identify relevant tools for information searching, both traditional and electronic
  • Develop searching strategies and search in a systematic manner
  • Investigate and assess information in a critical manner
  • Organise information for a specific objective
  • Adapt new experiences
  • Use information for critical thinking and problem solving

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