Training and counselling

DTU Library offers a range of courses, introductions, workshops and road shows in information searching - for DTU students, DTU staff and private users.

Introductions and counselling in general

Courses for sign up 

Courses integrated in DTU courses

Road shows

Tailor made services
We also offer to tailor make courses or introductions for groups, DTU departments or individuals. Please contact us for further information.


45 25 72 50
(Mon-Fri: 9.00-15.00)


Book a librarian

Make an appointment with a librarian for about one hour and get an introduction to information searching etc.

PilBook in Lyngby
PilLearn more


Follow our MOOC: 
Academic Information Seeking.
Three modules, 21 small videos.
Finish each module with a quiz
to pass the course.