What is DTU Smart Library?

Learning environment


Together with our users, DTU Library will create a world-class learning environment. This means that temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, sound and lighting must be set optimally. The conditions should adapt according to seasons, time of day, learning situations and learning styles. As a DTU student you should be able to get an instant and accurate overview of the indoor climate in various zones of the library. You’ll then have the opportunity to either choose the place in the library that meets your expectations and requirements best or alternatively be able to adjust the conditions where you are.


Data innovation and skills

Competencies and skills in finding, analyzing, visualizing and using data are becoming increasingly important. At DTU Library, we make our infrastructure available to DTU students who wish to optimize their use of data in connection with courses, assignments or start-ups. We give you access to research data (DTU Data) and building data from the DTU Library. You are welcome to install sensors or other equipment yourself in the library hall thus enabling you to access your very own data. Feel free to contact us.


Facility Management

When and how often do group rooms and toilets need cleaning? When should printer paper be loaded, when should furniture be replaced, plants be watered and garbage cans emptied? Where do you find an available group room or a table for your reading group? To make the best use of the library hall, DTU Library will use technology and data to ensure that library staff, cleaning staff, IT service, guards, workmen and removal men are present when their service and knowledge are needed.

DTU Smart Library