DTU Smart Library - part of DTU Smart Campus

What is DTU Smart Campus?
Smart Campus is an initiative that aims to improve learning facilities, create a better and smarter campus and ultimately test the technology that will be used to build tomorrow’s smart cities.

The overall strategy of DTU involves transforming DTU into a Smart Campus where students and researchers can collect data and use facilities all around campus to test Smart City technologies.

DTU Smart Library is a central site of this transformation towards a smarter campus. Currently, it is the largest physical laboratory for smart technologies at DTU. Other “living labs” on Campus include DTU Skylab and Smart Avenue.

How can you use DTU Smart Campus?
If you have an idea that will help make campus smarter, get in touch with one of our Smart Campus innovation consultants. They can help make your idea a reality – e.g. by helping you apply for funding. You can apply for up to DKK 5.000,- for equipment. If your project involves a prototype or a sensor for data collection, you can install it anywhere on campus – for instance in the library.

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