DTUs Research Data Forum

Chaired by the Research Dean Katrine Krogh Andersen, the Research Data Forum coordinates all initiatives and activities regarding DTU Research data management.

It is the scope of the forum to:

  • Promote research data management at the whole university.
  • Provide a cross-departmental coordination of the activities at DTU for exchange of information and mutual strengthening between central and decentral initiatives.
  • Ensure long-term quality and sustainability of research data management.
  • Ensure compliance with requirements of relevant national and international strategies, policies, codes of conduct etc.
  • Ensure optimal cooperation with corresponding national and international initiatives.

The DTU Research Data Forum has initiated the implementation of the DTU Policy of the Retention of Primary Materials and Data (pdf) and the local implementation of related Procedures and Guidelines in all DTU departments and centers.

DTU Library - Research Data Management (RDM) serves as secretary for the Forum.
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