DTU Policy of the retention of primary materials and Data

Why do we work with data management at DTU?

At DTU "Policy for storing primary materials and data" is the basis for working with research data management.

The policy describes the general principles and requirements for research data that all research from DTU must meet. It contains a definition of research data, research data management, primary materials and data. Finally, you can lean how the responsibility for managing the different research data is shared between you as a researcher and DTU.

The purpose of the policy is to describe how research data is managed at DTU, thereby ensuring that the research at DTU complies with the "Danish Code of Integrity in Research". This code "aims to support a common understanding and culture about integrity in research in Denmark." (From the Codex Preface).

The Danish Code is implemented in a special DTU version, which you also can access (see fact box). The difference between the two codes is that the DTU version contains specific elaborations and examples that are relevant in the DTU context.