Requirements from funders

There is an increasing focus on research integrity and transparency in research. Funding agencies and publishers have started defining requirements for not only open access to publications but also to research data.

Many funding agencies believe that publicly funded research data should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible. On top of that, funders typically have individual data policies on how research data should be treated. Many of them require researchers to complete a data management plan that describes the research data and provides an overview of how these data will be handled.
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Data repositories and file formats are important parts of handling research data and making them accessible. Often, funding agencies have certain requirements as to the long-term preservation of research data. Consequently, it is important – already in the start-up phase of your research project - to consider how to store data during your project and how you will preserve data for posterity. Especially, you need to decide which file formats you want to use.
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Many journals require that published articles are accompanied by the underlying research data. Policies vary from journal to journal and can be more or less restrictive, but usually they include the following:

  • The authors need to submit a statement of commitment to make the underlying data available or to give valid reasons for why this is not possible
  • The authors need to insert a "data availability statement" in the paper, usually including a permanent link to the data. If the article is accepted for publication, then the data availability statement will be published with the article
  • The authors have to make underlying data available for peer-review before publishing.

Some journals have additional rules or recommendations on:

  • Where and how to deposit the data
  • Access to code and software needed to reproduce results
  • How to cite data sets used for a publication

You can find the journals requirements on the journal's or publisher’s website.