DTU Media Lab

DTU Media Lab

- video production, studio and editing

Welcome to DTU Media Lab – a service from DTU Library.

At DTU Library we believe that knowledge should be available to all and the same goes for DTU Media Lab. We live for the good story, the creative process and the possibilities made possible through technology.

In DTU Media Lab we are professional photographers, videographers and producers, ready to help share your knowledge via streaming, MOOCS, teaching, branding and more.

We are a part of DTU Library and have two primary tasks. The first one is to offer our professional services - at a monetary cost. The second is to keep our self-service facilities running at the library. Facilities which anyone associated with DTU can use and start sharing their knowledge and earn a new set of skills.

Professional services

Professionelle services
- live streaming, MOOCS, teaching, branding and more