DTU Alumni event: Driving faster than the wind – against the wind - Hands on wind energy for students

(Students are more than welcome to participate - remember registration, see the below link)


Programme for the day:

Welcome by Gitte Lunde Andresen, Head of Stakeholder Management, DTU

Title: Driving faster than the wind – against the wind - Hands on wind energy for students

Abstract: The winDTUrbineracer project at DTU Wind Energy succeeded this year in passing the magic 100% limit for driving against the wind at the international Racing Aeolus event in Holland. The challenges for the team of students building the windcar begins with understating why this can be done at all and thereafter optimizing the turbine and car to achieve the highest possible speed. Building the windcar is multi-disciplinary covering aerodynamics, mechanics, machinery elements, electrical engineering, fiber composite structure, etc. The winDTUbineracer project is in combination with the student project for building a small wind turbine to be tested in a wind tunnel one of two popular courses undertaken by students, learning in-depth knowledge about wind turbine design and using their hands on skills. Our talk presents student activities at DTU Wind Energy on designing and building wind turbines and on the achievements obtained in 2016 by the team of students building a ‘small wind turbine’, VAWT and HAWT, and on the record breaking winDTUrbineracer project.

Senior researcher Robert Mikkelsen, DTU Wind Energy
Senior scientist Mac Gaunaa, DTU Wind Energy
Associate professor Taeseong Kim, DTU Wind Energy

Registration http://www.tilmeld.dk/drivingfast

We offer a small breakfast & coffee/tea from 8.00 am



fre 13 jan 17
8:30 - 9:30


DTU Library

Building 101D

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

19 JUNI 2018