DTU Media Lab - video studio and editing

In Media Lab in DTU Library basement in building 101 in Lyngby lecturers and students at DTU can record and edit videos themselves with the professional equipment of Media Lab. The equipment works according to the same principles as the ones developed by the Lecture Hall Technology Committee for new AV installations in the DTU's auditoriums.

Media Lab consists of two rooms: a Walk-in Studio, which is a fully equipped video recording studio and a Post-production room for editing the video recordings.

Walk-in Studio
The Walk-in Studio is fully equipped and soundproof. It has four video cameras, and all the necessary equipment for a variety of light settings and sound recording, including clip-on microphones.

The four cameras cover every conceivable angle. One camera is mounted on the ceiling.

A large screen in the room can be used as a "green screen", allowing video recordings to be shot against the background of a still image or a moving video. Alternatively, you can choose to shoot against a fixed background in a variety of colours.

The studio is fitted with a mobile editing desk featuring a computer and a digital drawing board, so users can edit their recordings as they go.

The Walk-in Studio is "smart". This means that once you have set up and used the equipment for the first time, the system remembers the settings, making it simple to record a series of visually coherent videos.

The studio features a range of pre-programmed settings for lighting, camera operation etc. so users can put together a professional looking recording at the touch of a single button.

See the two instruction videos on the right hand side.


For editing, the Post-production room offers both PC and Mac platforms, as well as a full range of appropriate software - for all users levels.

Walk-in Studio must be booked via the library booking system; the Post-production equipment is booked via this link to the library booking system and both can be used during staffed opening hours.  

To use Media Lab, please contact Library Service to borrow the keys and optional hard drives.

Instructions and assistance
Equipment and installation are user friendly and reasonably self-explanatory. Written instructions are available where needed, we also produce a range of video manuals as visual supplements.

Trained and experienced staff can be contacted at medialab@dtu.dk if you need help.  


Palle Christensen
Coordinator, Media Lab
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+45 45 25 74 56

Media Lab

Make reservations for Walk-in Studio and Post-production separately.
Get the key at Library Service.

PilBook Walk-in Studio
PilBook Post-production

Walk-In Studio - Basic

Walk-In Studio - Detailed - approx 35 min.

Walk-In Studio - Additional