DTU Smart Library

DTU Smart Library - open to DTU students, teachers, researchers and partners.

The vision of DTU Smart Library is to create an "indoor living lab", where students and researchers can develop, test and present smart technologies. At the same time they have access to analyse the collected data to carry out both qualitative and quantitative studies.

Light for learning
During 2017, DTU Campus Service has replaced the approx. 620 lamps at DTU Library in Lyngby. Instead LED light is introduced all over the library and significant savings of energy consumption are anticipated.

The new light fittings are smart as the introduction of LED light offers the opportunity to adjust both the light intensity and the colour of the light according to the wishes of the users via their smart phone. At the moment, the library users are able to adjust the light in four of the zones in the library.

Modcams and sensors
Part of the library renovation in 2017 consisted of the installation of Modcams to measure, count and monitor the use of the library.

In addition, various sensors have been put up to measure temperature, humidity, particles, CO2 and sound level etc. and thus gather data about the indoor climate.

DTU Smart Library