Innovation environment

DTU Library supports innovation through events
The library areas in Lyngby have recently been renovated to, among other things, support innovation activities of DTU and make them visible. Our stage area in the middle of the library in Lyngby is very suitable for events and networking arrangements.

DTU Library supports innovation through exhibitions
The library exhibition areas in Lyngby and Ballerup are a common platform for exposing innovation and entrepreneurship etc. at DTU. The library offers a physical exposure of DTU model projects. 

DTU Library supports innovation through information
The library offers guidance in the use of various databases, including patent databases. Everybody, including the public, have access to the information put at the disposal by DTU Library when visiting the library in Lyngby or Ballerup.

DTU Library supports innovation through facilities
In addition to meeting facilities, it resources, printing facilities and the event area, the library has focus on knowledge sharing via our Walls situated on the ground floor of the library in Lyngby. The walls work as totem poles for DTU organisations and a gathering point for communication of knowledge.

A central role of DTU Library is to support innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU. The library facilities in Lyngby and Ballerup are part of the DTU innovation environment as well as a window to other parts of the innovation environment and activities of DTU.

The facilities support learning and interaction, knowledge sharing and networking between interested parties of DTU, thus promoting innovation and entrepreneurship for the benefit of society. In addition, DTU Library wishes to promote the DTU culture of innovation by exposing relevant success stories, role models and model projects of DTU.


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DTU Smart Library
Learn about the vision for the library in Lyngby as an "indoor living lab" where researchers and students can use collected data on lighting, noise level, air quality and visitor load.