Criteria for purchase

DTU Library will decide - within the set financial frame - whether DTU should own the information resource or whether the material should be obtained through interlibrary collaboration.

We evaluate all proposals for purchase according to the following criteria:

  1. DTU Library primarily acquires information resources relevant to research and teaching at DTU. 
  2. As a rule, we acquire the material in electronic form for the use of all of DTU. Material in print will be placed in the printed collections at DTU Library.
  3. With the exception of compendiums, notes and class sets, textbooks in print used for teaching purposes are placed in the DTU Library textbook collections.
  4. In general, DTU Library only acquires recent information resources i.e. published within the last five years. However, evaluating requests on a case-by-case basis, taking both price and demand into consideration, we may make exceptions to this rule.
  5. DTU Library primarily acquires information resources in English or Danish.

Suggest for acquisition

We are happy to recieve suggestion on book, journal, database, etc. acquisition.

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