Loans from other Libraries

If you have searched DTU Findit and did not find what you were looking for, you have various options for loans from other libraries.

Order yourself via

You can benefit from ordering books through yourself, this will ensure a shorter delivery time. is a database where you can search and order material from all public libraries in Denmark, including the other Danish university libraries. contains both books and journals.

When you order or borrow material through, you choose at which library you want to pick up the material. If you choose DTU Library, called Technical Information Center of Denmark, you can choose between Ballerup and Lyngby. If you are employed at DTU, we will forward the material ordered to your DTU address.

It is not necessary for you to register as a user at to order material.

Read more about the content of and your options for borrowing and ordering

Borrowing books via DTU Library

If you have searched both DTU Findit and and you still have not found what you want, you can order books from other Danish and foreign libraries via DTU Library as a DTU employee or DTU students. When ordering, please use this form.

Loan period and renewal of loans from other Danish libraries

The loan period for books borrowed by DTU Library for you from another Danish library is usually 4 weeks from the date of receipt at DTU Library. Whether the books can be renewed, depends on the rules of the lending library. Please contact DTU Library, if you want to renew your loan.

Loan period and renewal of loans from foreign libraries

The loan period for material borrowed by DTU Library for you from a foreign library, vary from library to library. However, the loan period is usually 4 weeks. Material from foreign libraries can not be renewed.