How to borrow books - Lending policy

In order to borrow or order books from DTU Library, you must be registered in our user database. Read more about this to the right. Non DTU users must register with a valid e-mail address, password by choice and CPR number (the first time).

Search printed books
Printed material is searched for in DTU Findit

Renewal of loan, books
PilYou can renew your books via this link 

For urgent delivery, at a fee, please call 45 25 72 50 (weekdays 9.00-16.00).

Lending period
Books may be borrowed from Library Service durring opening hours - in Lyngby we can also offer a selv-service terminal. The lending period is 4 weeks for most books/materials. Renewals are possible if the material has not been requested by another user.

Returning books
Books can be returned at Library Service during opening hours, at the selv-service terminal (Lyngby), by post or in the post/drop box at the library ebtrance..

Recall notices and charges for compensation claims
Recall is done by e-mail to the address we have from your registration. For DTU staff this is the official DTU-mail and for DTU students we use the official DTU student-mail (the s-mail).

1. Recall notice  Free of charge  
2. Recall notice: Free of charge 
3. Recall notice: DKK 150,00 as administration fee and a compensation claim. 

The size of the compensation claim is determined on the basis of the cost of acquiring corresponding material. The compensation claim may include an administration fee for the procurement costs entailed in replacing the material.

After a period of 20 days the compensation claim is sent to collection at the Danish Tax Office (SKAT), and the borrower is notified of this. 

If the borrowed material is returned before the matter is sent to SKAT, the borrower will still have to pay the fee before borrowing privileges can be restored. The compensation claim is not refunded if the borrower returns the material after SKAT has been notified.

Blocking of library account 
If you owe DTU Library more than DKK 500 you will be prevented from borrowing or renewing printed material. When the outstanding amount has been paid, the account will be reopened.

For DTU faculty and staff, charges for overdue library items will be forwarded to the relevant department and so staff library accounts will not be blocked.

PilYou can pay your transactions here
Pay electronically with Dankort, MasterCard, Visa or JCB.
PilTerms of payment

Library card
The Danish health insurance card (sundhedskort) is usually used as a library card. A library card can be issued for company employees, private users and DTU staff on request. DTU students may use their DTU student card or the Danish health insurance card as a library card. 


DTU staff with an address at a DTU facility can choose to receive books by internal DTU mail at no cost. 

Staying abroad
Books from DTU Library collections may be taken aboard only by special agreement. Students from Øresundsuniversitetet may take books to Sweden.

Closed stacks (Lyngby)
Books published before 1968 and journals published before 2010 are placed in the closed stacks.

These materials can be ordered by contacting one of the library desks. Requests for material from the closed stacks are collected 6 times a day, at the following times:

11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00

The material will be available within half an hour at the latest from the above times and for the rest of the day. The next day the material will be returned to the closed stacks.

User status

DTU students and employess are automatic created as users at DTU Library.

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You can pay your transactions here

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Suggest for acquisition

We are happy to recieve suggestion on book, journal, database, etc. acquisition.

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