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DTU Findit now offers advanced search - in a beta test

Monday 06 Nov 17
You can now specify an even more precise search in DTU Findit. Click “Advanced Search Beta” to search on various data elements as a document's DOI or a particular author.

DTU Findit, providing access to all the literature of DTU Library, now offers an advanced search tool. The "Advanced Search Beta" option appears under the search box after your first search.

With the advanced search, you can specify the type of material you are looking for: article, journal, book, dissertation, etc. And you can make a precise search on title, author, journal title, publication year or any of the fields specific to document types, such as ISSN, ISBN, DOI or ORCID.

Help us to continuously improve
We have developed this advanced search form based on usability tests and user feedback. This is a beta version, indicating that it is not the final solution and that we will be grateful for your feedback - use the red feedback tab on the left.

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