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If you need to renew a book you have borrowed from DTU Library, please read this

Monday 02 Oct 17
- we have changed the library system ...

From October, you will not be able renew loans dated before 2 October 2017 as DTU Library is replacing the system managing loans of books and other physical materials.

Because of the change, it is not possible to renew the material on loan, as the material must be returned in the old system first. Once the material is registered as returned in the old system, you can borrow it again via the new system. A bit of bother, sadly, but we have to "empty" the old system to ensure that no one will be getting reminders or will be fined on the wrong grounds.

User-friendly solution
The new lending system works a lot better with our online library, DTU Findit. For instance, in the future, you’ll have all your loans and all you orders in one view in DTU Findit, and you’ll have less clicks before you can order the book you want to borrow. In addition, new students will no longer have to activate their account with us before they can borrow books.
PilYour new loans and requests

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: bibliotek@dtu.dk or phone 4525 7250 (weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00).

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