PATLIB Centre at DTU Library

As a regional PATLIB Centre, DTU Library offers researchers and students as well as small and medium-sized companies help and guidance with searching in patent databases.

Patents are an often overlooked source of inspirtion and ideas, and a search within your field of interest can be extremely rewarding. A search for already patented ideas is essential when you are working with an idea with patent potential.

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PATLIB Centres

As one of three Danish universities, DTU has signed an agreement with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (Patent- og Varemærkestyrelsen) to establish a regional patent library, a PATLIB Centre, at DTU. The PATLIB Centre is placed at DTU Library.

The establishment of the regional PATLIB Centres is part of the government innovation strategy and the contract runs till the end of 2016. The Danish PATLIB Centres are part of the network of other centres in Europa in the European Patent Organisation.




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Patent databases

Find the patent databases of DTU Library below. DTU login is required to access most of them, but we offer walk-in use at the 12 PCs on the ground floor in Lyngby, and at the two kiosk PCs in Ballerup.

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