Projects and partners

DTU Library (Technical Information Center of Denmark) works with projects that ensure progress and new developments within the areas of expertise of libraries. We thus take part in ensuring the best possible support and service for DTU researchers and students with regard to literature and scientific material.

National relations
At a national level, DTU Library collaborates with the other university libraries and is involved in The Conference of Directors of Research Libraries. We also participate in national technical projects of benefit to technical science under the auspices of Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (“DEFF”).

For a number of years, DTU Library has been the technical supplier for national projects, e.g. The Danish National Research Database for DEFF and The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator for the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education. Furthermore, DTU Library is involved in a major EU project under the EU 7th framework programme, Driver II. 

International collaborations
Internationally, DTU Library supports the overall DTU vision of ensuring a high international level within the technical and natural science areas.

As for the rest of DTU, DTU Library has a solid collaboration with the other Nordic technical universities in Nordic 5 Tech, and we have close working relations with ETH in Switzerland, Delft in The Netherlands, TIB in Hannover and Stanford, USA.