DTU Orbit – the DTU research database

DTU Orbit is probably Denmark’s oldest university research database.

Since the mid 1990s, research at DTU has been registered in DTU Orbit. From the mid 2000s,  DTU Orbit is complete and contains all of DTU’s research publications.

Since 2011, registration of research publications has been centralized at DTU Library. DTU Library has responsibility for the registration and the researchers are responsible validating the registrations. As a quality check data from DTU Findit are reused for the registrations and make up the basis for approx. 60 per cent of the registrations.

DTU Orbit

  • Complete
    DTU registration Every year approx. 7,000 research publications are registered.
  • Exposure
    DTU Orbit disseminates DTU’s research publications, researcher profiles, projects and other activities, a total of 140,000 publications. Furthermore, these publications are visible in The Danish National Research Database, Google Scholar and EU DRIVER.
  • Documentation and overview
    DTU Orbit supplies various publication reports and ad hoc analyses to support the Executive Board and department managements as well as input for the annual strategic planning (“UMV”).  DTU Orbit also supplies data for national indicators (“BFI”, Open Access).
  • Central research registration
    DTU Library handles the registration of DTU research publications. A complete and correct registration is obtained in dialogue with DTU researches. 
  • Open Access
    DTU Orbit is the institutional repository of DTU, in which Open Access versions of research publications are stored and can be accessed. In this way DTU Orbit supports the increase of Open Access publication at DTU.


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the DTU research database
DTU Orbit