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DTU Library - 75 years and still going strong

Thursday 23 Nov 17
In 2017, DTU Library celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Much has happened in those 75 years, exemplified most recently by this summer's rebuilding.

Time to celebrate!

We have had a good look in the archives and put together a small and fun exhibition, showing the library's change from 1942 until today.

You can visit the exhibition during opening hours until 12 January 2018.

Feedback box & wall
It is important to us to be in tune with our users. Only this way we can deliver what you need for study and research. We are always open to feedback, but as part of the exhibition, we have done it in a new way. We have set up a video box where you can record your feedback (instruction available in situ). You can also choose to write your comments on the wall of the box.

Anniversary video
We have produced a video, telling the story of DTU Library in words and pictures - from Østervold to Kgs. Lyngby - from book collection to study environment - from 1942 to 2017.

The video will be on displayed on the big screen on and off until January 2018, but you can also view it here.
PilSee the videoen on our YouTube channel [In Danish]

Anniversary book
We have also published an anniversary book, electronically of course. The scope of the book is primarily the past 25 years of the library's history: the development of the digital self-service library, the development of the physical library, built for books and now the university's best study environment and also the relationship with the users and the shift in their focus. The book also deals with the future and draws the visions of a DTU Library going on 100 years. Finally, the book contains a small story about the precursor of DTU Library, as the fundament was actually established prior to 1942.
PilDTU Library - 75 years

The big celebration
Thursday 23 November, 15.00-17.00, we celebrate the anniversary at a major event where we have invited people from DTU and the Danish library landscape to debate the future - and, of course, congratulate each other.

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