Nye pc'er

Upgrading the PCs

Monday 15 Aug 16
More and new PCs in the library in building 101, Lyngby Campus.

The DTU IT-department has used the quiet summer period to replace the 82 data bar PCs on the 1st floor of the library in Lyngby. We have changed both PCs and monitors, faster PCs, still with two monitors each. The PC it self is now mountes behind one of the monitors.

Before long we plan to add 26 new PCs on the tables between the "old" PCs offering more than 100 PC for study use alt together!

In addition to Internet access and free black and white print, the PCs are connected to DTU Software Centre (shortcut on the desktop) with all kinds of browsers, programs and applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, ordbogen.com, Maple, Mendeley, Paint and many, many more.
The new PCs all have an "USB key sensor" with an icon on the screen, telling the user that an USB key is still connected. We hope this will help you remember your USB ...

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