Exhibition: eScience is the new science

Monday 23 May 16
- 24 May to 20 June, 2016 at DTU Library, Lyngby - Opening reception 24 May at 13.00

Exhibition at the DTU Library, Lyngby, from 24 May to 20 June 20, 2016. Opening reception 24 May at 13.00

DTU Compute, DTU Bibliometrics and Data Management, DTU Systems Biology, and DeIC (Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation) have joined forces arranging an exhibition at the DTU Library focusing on e-infrastructure and eScience.

eScience is a scientific research method involving the use of e-infrastructures, data collection and storage, and processing of data using computing power, models and visualization. Researchers using eScience share data with colleagues around the world via high-speed networks.

Science allows researchers to solve and understand complex problems. eScience finds answers in huge amounts of data that used to be impossible to analyze. eScience has an enormous potential for achieving new research results in the future.

he purpose of the exhibition is to create awareness and kindle the curiosity about eScience among students and scientists at DTU – and help them get started with eScience.

Opening reception
The exhibition will be opened at a reception on Tuesday, 24 May at 13.00 to 15.00 by University Director Claus Nielsen.
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