Kunst på DTU Risø Campus

Exhibition: Know your art at DTU

Monday 09 Mar 15

The  spring exhibition at DTU Library is a small photo-exhibition showing a selection of the works of art surrounding us at DTU. Visit the exhibition at the library in Lyngby from 9 March to 10 April.

With this exhibition DTU Library would like to focus on the delicate and versatile art presented at DTU.

Art can do more than just please the eye and tell a visual story, it can also inspire. Everybody talks about the future engineers as innovative and creative - wonder if there is inspiration to find in the art here on campus?

The exhibition may not only be of interest to us spending time at DTU on a daily basis, those visiting or passing by one of the DTU campuses may also enjoy it.

Take a look around - enjoy your surroundings!

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