New link between your researcher ID ORCID and DTU Orbit

Thursday 26 Jan 17
Get your DTU publications in DTU Orbit transferred to your ORCID profile - automatically!

If your researcher ID ORCID is linked to your profile in DTUBasen, you can now authorise an automatic and running export of your DTU publication records in DTU Orbit to your ORCID profile.

Go to My Publications in DTU Findit to authorise the synchronisation between DTU Basen and your ORCID profile - see how in our Quick Guide.

Once you have authorised the synchronisation, all your future DTU publications registered in DTU Orbit will appear in your ORCID profile.

In your ORCID profile you can, as usual, refine your reference list by hiding individual publications - see how in our Quick Guide.

PilHow to register an ORCID via DTU Basen or link your ORCID to your DTUBase profile
PilAbout ORCID on our website
PilQuick Guide: ”How to synchronise DTU Orbit with ORCID” (pdf)
PilDTU Findit

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