New WiFi in the DTU Library – better coverage, greater speed and more stability!

Tuesday 07 Mar 17


Lars Binau
Team Manager, Library Facilities and Stacks
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+45 45 25 73 15
DTU is investing in a new WiFi solution in the library in Lyngby, which looks to secure the future of “campus connectivity”

The new WiFi solution consists of directionally focused and adjustable antennae, which gives a far better coverage and reduces signal interference. Meanwhile, the signal has been improved in order to deliver 20MHz per channel, further reducing signal overlap, and channel interference.
The new installation naturally covers all current network in the library – eduroam, dtu, guest etc. – both on 2.4 and 5GHz signals.
One month ago, DTU Library in collaboration with the central IT team, AIT, began updating the WiFi in the library. This comes as the culmination of a thorough investigation of the WiFi in the areas, based on Site Survey analyses and questionnaires among the users.
After running several Site Surveys, and simulating different solutions, the directional antennae were chosen as the solution to the WiFi in the library. The new installation optimizes the current system, and gives better and more stable internet in the library.
Preliminary measurements show clear improvement in both speed and stability, and a substantial reduction in user dissatisfaction.
The directionally controlled WiFi solution will in the future be implemented in more buildings on DTU Campus. Installation has already begun in buildings 302 and 306. The future will also see a greater focus on 5GHz network, and DTU is currently looking into running separate 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks.
The new WiFi is still in its early stages, and constant adjustments as well as measurements are being performed in order to further improve the WiFi situation. All queries and/or comments are encouraged, and can be sent to bibliotek@dtu.dk

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