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Thursday 08 Jun 17


Andrew Cranfield
Team Manager, i-consultants
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
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  • research results are immediatly exposed
  • publications are freely accessible to a wider circle
  • research is being utilized better
  • research results get increased impact
  • more citations
PUBLICATION According to the national objective, from 2022 all published research publications must have an as­sociated open access version.

The most recent statistics show that 46 per cent of DTU’s articles in 2015 had such an open access version linked to the bibliographic post in DTU Orbit. The figure for the previous year was 31 per cent.

“It’s really impressive that DTU has come so far with open access publication, but it is important that we con­tinue to focus on this area with the goals of the national objective in mind.

"“It’s really impressive that DTU has come so far with open access publication."
Katrine Krogh Andersen, Dean of Research

The gain for the individual is clear—that the research results are shared with a wider audience and thus of even greater benefit,” says Katrine Krogh Andersen, Dean of Research.

Article from DTUavisen # 6-2017

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