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Monday 15 Jun 15

Need help finding subject specific literature and information? DTU Library offers a range of search tools, enabling you to locate useful information resources. The tools span DTU’s main research areas and include information about standards, patents, reference management, and business information.

In addition to DTU Findit, where you search across thousands of journals, books and e-books, DTU Library also provides access to a collection of more specific tools, databases and e-books.

A-Z list of databases and other tools
In the "A-Z list of databases and other tools", found under “Other search tools” on our website, we present more than 125 such tools alphabetically. This is where you find links to e.g. Web of Science, Scopus, and Infomedia.

Subject guides
Via “Other Search tools” you will also find a number of subject guides that provide access to subject specific literature and information. These guides cover all DTU’s 16 main research areas - see dtu.dk.

If you wish to find literature about e.g. transportation or energy, the subject guides covering these research areas will provide you with lists of books, e-books and databases that are particularly relevant for these subjects.

Topic guides
We have also compiled a collection of so-called topic guides that provide information about - and links - to specific materials and research tools that are often in demand - e.g. standards, patents, reference management tools, business information and statistics.

If you have any questions regarding “Other search tools” or DTU Findit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact DTU Library at bibliotek@dtu.dk, by phone (tel.: 4525 7250 Monday to Friday between the hours 9.00 and 16.00).

All guides are in English.
Access to the databases, e-books etc. with DTU login or from the library.

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