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Monday 09 May 16


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In the early summer 2016, DTU Library is launching a campaign to ensure that DTU will reach the goals set out in the National Open Access Strategy for publication – during the campaign, we will visit all DTU departments.

Denmark has an ambitious National Strategy for Open Access. Amongst other things, the Strategy outlines specific goals for the percentage of Danish research output that must be made available Open Access in the years to come.

During our visits to the individual departments,  DTU Library address topics such as Open Access publishing in general, the National Open Access Indicator, the National Open Access Strategy, DTU’s policies on the topic and what the departments can do to boost their Open Access figures; please note that  the Open Access figures are part of the annual DTU department evaluations, UMV.

Denmark’s Open Access Strategy
Denmark has a National Strategy for Open Access, the ambition of which is to provide free access in 2017 to 80% of the scientific peer-reviewed articles published in 2016 in journals and conference series with ISSN.  The goal is to make 100% of the peer-reviewed research articles published in 2021 available Open Access by 2022. This also applies DTU publications.

What must DTU’s researchers do?

Most publishers let authors provide Open Access to the “author’s final version” (also known as the “post-print”). At DTU, researchers simply have to upload the post-print to DTU Orbit – DTU’s institutional repository.

When publishing articles, all researchers must therefore remember to send their post-prints to DTU Library at This way, the number of Open Access publications in DTU Orbit will increase and the goals of the National Open Access Strategy will be promoted.

More often than not, publishers impose embargo periods of up to 48 months on post-print archiving. Therefore, DTU Library automatically checks the publishers’ Open Access policies and makes sure that copyrights and embargo periods are respected.  

A cover sheet containing the bibliographic data from the publisher's version of the article is added to all post-prints in DTU Orbit. This helps to ensure correct citations.

What is "authors final version"( also called the post-print)?

"Authors final version", also known as the “post-print version”, is a version that has been accepted for publication but still lacks formal publisher layout. The intellectual content is identical to the version that will be published in the journal.

Please note the difference between “author’s version” and “publisher’s version” (the latter includes layout and may seldom be uploaded with Open Access).

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