Grøn Dyst 2014

Welcome to Green Challenge, Friday, 24 June - in the library in Lyngby

Tuesday 07 Jun 16

The Green Challenge Student Conference is held on the last Friday of the June-3-week period, 24 June 2016, in the library in Building 101, Lyngby Campus

Library service will be influenced on Thursday, Friday, in the Weekend and on Monday by the bustle:

  • The entire second floor will be used for the poster session.
  • There will be no group study rooms or quiet area available.
  • Part of the first floor will also be used - not the data bar area.
  • The entire ground floor will be used, so no study places here.
  • Our public PCs on the ground floor will be packed away.

The conference is build up on Thursday and the library will not be reestablished until Monday 27 June in the afternoon - including the public PCs on the ground floor.

In general, there will be more noise and fuss in the library, especially on Friday when the stage with the big screen will be used for a welcome speech and for the prize event.

We are sorry for the inconvenience - but look forward to host this green event.

Print, color printing, binding, borrowing of books etc. will be available.


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