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Funder requirements on Open Access

Wednesday 25 Oct 17
International funders, EU Framework Programmes and major Danish research councils all have Open Access publishing requirements

Many funders require that articles arising from research funded by them must be made freely accessible - either published in Golden Open Access Journals or deposited as Green Open Access post-prints in an Open Access repository like the DTU research database DTU Orbit.

While the EU Framework Programme FP7 required that research from seven pilot areas was published Open Access, the current Framework Programme, Horizon2020, goes all the way. In future, the EU wishes to make Open Access all publications that arise from research based on public funds. The purpose is to provide better access to publicly financed research to the benefit to society and to improve the collaboration between the public research community and industry.

The EU Open Access infrastructure consists of – a portal that provides access to e.g. DTU’s EU projects with links to the EU commission’s database Cordis.

In 2012, the Danish Public Research Councils and foundations adopted a joint Open Access policy which aims to make research visible and to ensure cost-free digital access for everybody to state-financed research results.

DTU Library can assist in linking projects registered in DTU Orbit to the publications that arise from EU funded projects.


Self-archiving in DTU Orbit:

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