Open Access Week

Open Access Week: How are we doing at DTU?

Thursday 25 Oct 18
Send more post-prints! In order for DTU to reach the national goals for Open Access, researchers must contribute by sending even more of their post-prints to DTU Orbit.

The national goals for Open Access
The objective of the national Open Access strategy is unrestricted digital access for all to all peer-reviewed research articles from Danish research institutions by 2025 - with a maximum 12 months delay.

Using an annual analysis tool, the Danish Open Access Indicator, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education is monitoring the progress of the Danish universities towards meeting the national Open Access Goals.

Four indicator analyses have been made so far and DTU shows a nice increase in all four measurements, thus increasing the Open Access percentage from 30% to 58%.

Open Access-tal

The national the Open Access figures for 2018, based on publications from 2016, show that DTU is doing very well with 58% Open Access compared with the national average of 36%.

How can DTU reach 100% Open Access?
DTU Library has optimised the work processes over the past two years and we now find a very large part of the Open Access publications on our own. The increase in the Open Access Indicator from 2016 to 2018 is based on this effort.

What is needed now for DTU to move towards the national goal of 100% Open Access is that DTU researchers make sure to save their post-print and send even more of them to DTU Orbit at DTU Library will check copyright and compliance with embargo periods.

So please, send more post-prints!


Self-archiving in DTU Orbit:

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