DTU maintains its focus and position on Open Access publishing

Tuesday 01 May 18


Lise Ingemann Mikkelsen
Team Manager
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+45 45 25 72 44
In order to achieve the national goals, DTU’s researchers must, even more than is the case today, send their Author Accepted Manuscripts to DTU Library.

The annual figures from the Open Access Indicator shows clear progress at the national level and in DTU’s case a very positive rise in the figures.

In the new indicator figures we have achieved 58% Open Access for publications published in 2016. This is based on a total of 3.729 publications, where 2.171 have been published Open Access. The IT University of Copenhagen has an impressive 98%, but this figure is based on a much smaller number of publications - 95 to be precise.

The Open Access figure for DTU last year was 46%, covering publications from 2015.

"This is excellent progress and I think we can congratulate across the whole of DTU. It is important that we continue to focus on the task, so that DTU can achieve the national Open Access goals, which ensure that society and industry have free access to DTU’s research publications"
Katrine Krogh Andersen, Dean of Research

Over the last few years, there has been a concerted effort to optimize the “harvesting” of DTU publications for Open Access. However, if we are to achieve the national goal of 100%, we are dependent on DTU researchers sending us their postprints, the sooner the better.

DTU Library is still responsible for the registration and publication in DTU Orbit, ensuring that any embargos before making public are adhered to.

It is these embargos – often 12 months – that is the reason that the Open Access figures are calculated on publications from the previous year, which accounts for the “delay”. So the figures for 2018 are based on figures from 2016. This also means that right until the end of 2018 we can improve the Open Access figures for publications from 2017.

The important message here is that DTU’s researchers remember to send us their postprint, when their article is ready for publication in a scientific journal.

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