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Wednesday 07 Mar 18
Get help making your video production professional

DTU Medial Lab offers the following workshops in the Spring 2018:

Hands-on walk through of the walk-in studio
In this one-hour workshop you will get an understanding of the equipment we are using in the studio, and you will have the possibility to get your hands dirty and try it out.
Duration 1 hour. Max. participants 6.
Dates: 14 March, 4 april and 18 April, 2018

360-degree video and Virtual Reality
What is it used for? We will look at some examples, and discuss what you can use it for. You will get a chance to record and edit 360-degree video footage. We finish the workshop with presentations on DTU Library / Media Lab’s new monster VR-machine with Oculus Rift.
Dates: 21 Marts and 25 April, 2018

Media workshop in visuel storytelling
This media workshop is at special offer in spring 2018. The topics are visual storytelling, videos and how you use social media with most effect. It is arranged by DTU Media Lab in collaboration with the production company Cattenbaum.
Date: 4 April, 2018.
Duration 6 ½ hours. Max participants 14.
PilRead about the workshop (pdf)
PilProgramme (pdf)

DTU Media Lab offers you the tools that enables you to make professional video productions for education, projects, pitches of ideas, podcasts, prototypes, practicing standing in front of a camera – and what have you. You will find DTU Media Lab in the basement of DTU Library, Lyngby

For more information, please contact medialab@dtu.dk

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