Sundhedsteknologi - Den nordiske Industri-, Landbrugs- og Kunstudstilling

Exhibition: Imagined futures

Tuesday 20 Feb 18
- focus on the latest research of importance for the future

The exhibition "Imagined Futures" ("Forestillede fremtider") at DTU Library, Lyngby Campus, focuses on the latest research, understandings and technological development at DTU’s departments. The exhibition presents a selection of the departments' activities in a new and exciting perspective.

The inspiration for Imagined futures
The inspiration for the exhibition is the Nordic Industrial, Agricultural and Art Exhibition in 1888 in Copenhagen (Den Nordiske Industri-, Landbrugs- og Kunstudstilling). Here, the latest technology was on display and it fascinated the audience to such a degree that you could even talk about an "exhibition fever"among the around 1.3 million visitors.

History of Technology DTU puts the selected research projects into perspective by referring back to the industrial exhibition and the expectations for the future that were at stake at that time. The exhibition works with two perspectives: to show the technological development up to today and to show the "Imagined futures" that the DTU projects give rise to.

DTU's research projects are often of great importance for the future, and we hope to inspire DTU employees and students as well as other visitors.

The exhibition is a collaboration between DTU Stakeholder Management, History of Technology DTU and the selected DTU departments.

The exhibition period is from 20 February to 31 March 2018.

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