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Love Data Week - Day 4 - DTU Smart Library - DTU Open Data project AMICa

Thursday 15 Feb 18
by Paml

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If you want to share your data story – good or bad – you can tweet it using the hashtags #dtulibrary and #lovedata18 or you can leave us a post on the Facebook page of the library @DTUBibliotek.

We are looking forward to hearing about the research data you work with, data you have lost, data you have published or your favorite database ...

This week is all about data!
This week is all about data!

Research data at DTU:

“Our group has a unique collection of geomagnetic data that we want to make available to the research community and the public. The publication of data gives us new possibilities of presenting our work and increasing our scientific impact."

Nynne Berthou Lauritsen and Anna Naemi Willer – researchers at DTU Space

Stories about data:

What kind of data do you store and transport in a USB flash drive?
USB flash drives are probably the most common way to store and transport data. They are cheap, they can store a good number of files, they fit in your pocket, all good. But, who didn’t lose a USB stick with data? It might not be a big deal if you are using it only to keep a backup of your data, right? And, of course, you are not using it to store any kind of confidential or personal data, right?

As obvious and irrelevant these questions might appear, we sometimes stumble across stories like this one from London where a USB stick was found lying on the street containing 2.5Gb of unprotected files detailing anti-terrorism procedures and systems used to protect London Heathrow airport. Check it out!

We are data:

Big Data and Smart Technologies at DTU Library
The DTU Smart Library is a part of the DTU Smart Campus initiative and it collaborates with Campus Service (CAS) and the IT-department (AIT). The project has been in the pipeline for a few years and finally in October last year, the different sensors were installed in the library. This will provide a source of Big Data for students and researchers who would like to use them to create innovative and smart technologies! Furthermore, data will be available from about 300.000 sensors from all around the DTU Campus Lyngby. Among other things, these sensors will collect data about temperature, luminosity, humidity, level of CO2 and particles, number of people and their movement in the library.

The DTU Smart Library aims at:

  • creating world class learning facilities
  • improving facility management within the library
  • supporting Data innovation and literacy at DTU.

That’s right! The Library is becoming a living Data Lab where you will also have access to the data to work on your student projects! Stay tuned for more news!

Telling stories with data: 

Mapping industrial capabilities using Open Data
The Advance Mapping of Industrial Capabilities for Climate project (AMICa) is a Pathfinder initiative sponsored by Climate KIC. The project, led by the Engineering Systems section at DTU Management Engineering, created an open platform providing those developing and promoting new climate-related solutions with an overview of technological capabilities available to address their technological needs.

The mapping platform is a proof-of-concept focused on the area of sustainable biofuels and other sustainable bioenergy-related applications. It is a combination of data dashboards and visualization of network analyses built with the use of openly available data such as patents, publications, facilities listed in relevant databases and organizations involved in this area.

Take a look at this amazing tool on the website and stay tuned because an open API for the platform is under development!

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