Love Data Week

Love Data Week - Monday - Day 1

Monday 12 Feb 18
by Paml

Share your data story

If you want to share your data story – good or bad – you can tweet it using the hashtags #dtulibrary and #lovedata18 or you can leave us a post on the Facebook page of the library @DTUBibliotek.

We are looking forward to hearing about the research data you work with, data you have lost, data you have published or your favorite database ...

This week is all about data!

This week, 12-18 February, is Love Data Week, an international event happening mainly through social media with the aim to share stories about data and to set focus on the importance of research data management.

DTU Library is joining the Love Data Week for the first time this year. During this week, each day, you will find new stories about data:

  • Research data at DTU
    - A look on what data and data management means for DTU - through the thoughts and experiences of researchers and experts.
  • Stories about data
    - The troubling, the scary, but also the encouraging stories on how research data is produced, managed and shared.
  • Telling stories with data
    - A collection of examples on how research data can be (re-)used in innovative or creative ways - even beyond science.
  • We are data
    - In a world of Big Data, more and more data are collected about us. We will present cases, where we are the data ourselves and how we can benefit from that.

Why is data and data management relevant for DTU?

“In a world, where data is of uttermost importance, researchers are requested to adapt good practices for data management and acknowledge data as valuable output of their research. Therefore, DTU is aiming to provide the best possible infrastructure, support and training in order to boost innovation through big data and smart technologies, to ensure high credibility and integrity of research, and to secure funding for excellent research”.

Katrine Krogh Andersen - DTU Dean of Research

"At DTU Library we love data! We endorse the FAIR data principles and the Open Science agenda. Therefore, we are putting large efforts into supporting our researchers with handling research data and providing the necessary infrastructure."

Gitte Bruun Jensen – Head of DTU Library


Research data is valuable

Data is becoming an important output of research, maybe even as valuable as scientific articles. This is due not only because almost all research is based on data, but also because we are able to collect enormous amounts and diverse types of data, which allow us to expand the borders of traditional research. However, this requires that the data are handled and managed in the most efficient and secure way possible and that elaborate tools for their analysis and documentation are available.

DTU Library is providing support on the different aspects of research data management, and we are constantly investigating and adding more services for research data.

We are about to launch an extended section about research data management on the DTU Library website, where you will find all relevant information to guide you through the world of research data, DTU’s policies  and the support services provided by the library for DTU researchers.

Join us celebrating the Love Data Week 2018!

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