Title Unit Deadline
Full-stack developer at The National Life Science Supercomputing Centre IT Service 22 AUG 18
Postdoc on Time Lenses for Passive Optical Network Systems DTU Fotonik 22 AUG 18
PhD position in geomechanical and flow modelling of natural fractures in Lower Cretaceous rock Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 22 AUG 18
Senior Researcher/Researcher in Cognitive Auditory Neuroscience DTU Electrical Eng 23 AUG 18
Postdoc in Topology Optimization for Fluid-Problems (Half-time) DTU Mechanical Eng 23 AUG 18
Specialist in Metabolic Engineering of Anaerobic Microorganisms Center for Biosustainability 24 AUG 18
PhD or Postdoc Position for chemical analysis of crude oil Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 24 AUG 18
Postdoc positions: Investigation of EOR processes using core flooding experiments Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 24 AUG 18
Associate/Assistant Professor in Image Analysis DTU Compute 26 AUG 18
PhD scholarship in Sustainable Management and Health Promotion within Food Manufacturing DTU Management Engineering 26 AUG 18
Research Assistant in Building Practices in the Arctic DTU Civil Eng 27 AUG 18
Assistant or Associate Professor in Rock Mechanics DTU Civil Eng 28 AUG 18
PhD project: Graphene-Biocatalysts for Enzymatic Biofuel Cells DTU Chemistry 28 AUG 18
Professor in Immunology and Virology in Aquaculture Fish Technical University of Denmark 28 AUG 18
PhD project: Exploring Plasma-catalysis for Sustainable Production of Chemicals DTU Chemical Eng. 28 AUG 18
All vacant positions