Title Unit Deadline
Senior Lead to head Center for Transport Analytics DTU Management Engineering 24 AUG 17
PhD scholarship in Polymeric Nanomedicines DTU Nanotech 24 AUG 17
Postdoc in Energy Economics and Regulation DTU Management Engineering 24 AUG 17
PhD scholarship: Technologies for Adaptation – Exploring the Scope for Systematic Assessment and Risk Reduction Potential DTU Management Engineering 25 AUG 17
Postdoc in Remote sensing of Land surface Fluxes in Natural and Agricultural Systems DTU Environment 25 AUG 17
PhD scholarship in Experimental Quantum Optomechanics DTU Physics 27 AUG 17
Professor in Applied Digital Energy Technology Technical University of Denmark 28 AUG 17
Researcher in Energy System Analysis DTU Management Engineering 28 AUG 17
PhD scholarship in Investigation of Room Acoustic Parameters using Loudspeaker Based Auralization DTU Electrical Eng 28 AUG 17
Two PhD scholarships in Thermochemical Surface Engineering of Titanium Alloys; Characterisation and Modelling DTU Mechanical Eng 28 AUG 17
PhD scholarship in Modular Product and Process Architectures in Engineering to Order Companies DTU Mechanical Eng 28 AUG 17
PhD scholarship: Predictive Machine Learning Modelling for Autonomous Bus Real-time Operations DTU Management Engineering 30 AUG 17
Postdoc in intestinal Lymph node stromal cell Function DTU Vet 31 AUG 17
PhD scholarship in Development of LOCs with integrated sensors for real time on-site monitoring of environmental impact of pathogens and toxic compounds DTU Nanotech 31 AUG 17
PhD project in Catalytic Cracking of Sugars for Production of Chemicals DTU Chemical Eng. 31 AUG 17
All vacant positions