Title Unit Deadline
22 fellowships under the H.C. Ørsted Postdoc COFUND Programme; junior and senior Research and Relations 23 FEB 19
Administrative Assistant DTU Physics 28 JAN 19
Erfaren projektkoordinator DTU Health Technology 06 FEB 19
Kommunikationsrådgiver til Danske Universiteter Rector's Office 07 FEB 19
Lab Manager at HYPERMAG 04 FEB 19
Laborant/indkøber til indkøb af kemikalier DTU Chemistry 15 FEB 19
PhD in Modelling Micromagnetism and Permanent Magnets DTU Energy 01 FEB 19
PhD position in Collaborative Approaches (European Training Network MISTRAL Early Stage Researcher ESR11) DTU Management Engineering 18 FEB 19
PhD position in National EU-Regimes (European Training Network MISTRAL Early Stage Researcher ESR9) DTU Wind Energy 04 MAR 19
PhD position on Anti Fouling Coatings DTU Chemical Eng. 31 JAN 19
PhD position on Quantum Defects and Autonomous Materials Design DTU Physics 01 FEB 19
PhD position on Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits for Optical Processing Aided Artificial Intelligence DTU Fotonik 17 FEB 19
PhD position Studying Thermal Energy Storage in Rocks DTU Energy 04 FEB 19
PhD position: Improving reservoir souring treatments for chalk formations Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 06 FEB 19
PhD Project in Photonics Hypercrystals Bio-Sensing Applications DTU Fotonik 31 JAN 19
All vacant positions