Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc position in the area of Microbial Evolution and Cell Factory Engineering Center for Biosustainability 15 DEC 17
A postdoctoral research position in geomechanical modelling of fractures: formation of natural fractures in Lower Cretaceous rock Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 30 NOV 17
Postdoc Position available in Applied Tomographic Image Analysis of Materials and Fluids Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 30 NOV 17
PhD and Postdoc Positions for reservoir fluid characterization and tracer studies Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 30 NOV 17
Research Assistant in Experimental Plankton Ecology DTU Aqua 24 NOV 17
Postdoc in Natural Product Chemistry DTU Bioengineering 01 DEC 17
Assistant professor in Microbial Ecology to the Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites, CeMiSt DTU Bioengineering 01 DEC 17
PhD scholarship in Plant Synthetic Biology DTU Bioengineering 06 DEC 17
PhD scholarship in bioinformatics of ayurvedic medicine sources and treatment response stratification DTU Bioinformatics 21 NOV 17
Associate Professor in Electron Microscopy of Biological Systems DTU Cen 02 JAN 18
PhD project in Ecological Control Strategies for Biobutanol Production DTU Chemical Eng. 20 NOV 17
PhD scholarship in Material Synthesis for Catalysis DTU Chemistry 29 DEC 17
PhD Scholarship in Supramolecular and Bioorganic Chemistry DTU Chemistry 31 DEC 17
PhD position: Development of Graphene-Biocatalysts for Enzymatic Biofuel Cells DTU Chemistry 05 JAN 18
PhD scholarship in Concrete frost resistance – modelling frost attack DTU Civil Eng 24 NOV 17
All vacant positions