Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Environmental Engineering DTU Environment 25 JAN 18
Researcher in In-situ X-ray and Neutron Scattering Analysis of Functional Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage DTU Energy 26 JAN 18
Researcher to Trace Analysis of Food and Feed DTU Food 26 JAN 18
PhD Scholarship in Reducing Salt Intake and Optimizing Sodium to Potassium Balance in Families DTU Food 26 JAN 18
PhD scholarship in Breaking Waves and their Interaction with Offshore Structures DTU Mechanical Eng 26 JAN 18
Postdoc in Implementation and Evaluation of a New Clinical Protocol for Hearing-Aid Treatment DTU Electrical Eng 26 JAN 18
PhD scholarship in Dynamics and Kinematics of Extreme Non-Breaking and Breaking Irregular Waves DTU Mechanical Eng 26 JAN 18
Professor (with special responsibilities) in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Technical University of Denmark 28 JAN 18
PhD scholarship in geomagnetism DTU Space 28 JAN 18
Postdoc in Quantum Magnetometry DTU Physics 28 JAN 18
Postdoc in Population analysis of Pelagic Fish Stocks DTU Aqua 29 JAN 18
Industrial PhD position within development of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics DTU Energy 30 JAN 18
Postdoc in Optimising DNA-Isolation and Sequencing DTU Food 30 JAN 18
PhD studentships at The VILLUM Center for the Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals DTU Physics 31 JAN 18
Postdoc or Research Assistant: Hygrothermal Performance of Internal Insulation in Historic Buildings DTU Civil Eng 31 JAN 18
All vacant positions