Title Unit Deadline
Researcher in Participatory Systems Ergonomics and Knowledge Transfer in Engineering Design DTU Management Engineering 20 NOV 17
PhD scholarship in Sustainability Assessment of Residual Biomass Resource Management DTU Environment 20 NOV 17
PhD project in Ecological Control Strategies for Biobutanol Production DTU Chemical Eng. 20 NOV 17
PhD scholarship in bioinformatics of ayurvedic medicine sources and treatment response stratification DTU Bioinformatics 21 NOV 17
Assistant Professor/Associate in Management Communication --- Adjunkt/lektor i Ledelseskommunikation DTU Diplom 21 NOV 17
Senior Lead to head new Center DTU Management Engineering 21 NOV 17
Postdoc in Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine DTU Nanotech 21 NOV 17
Research Assistant in Protein Extraction from Green Biomass DTU Food 23 NOV 17
Postdoc in Digital Signal Processing for Quantum Cryptography in Telecom Networks DTU Physics 24 NOV 17
PhD Project on Usability and Understandability of Hybrid Process Models DTU Compute 24 NOV 17
Research Assistant in Experimental Plankton Ecology DTU Aqua 24 NOV 17
PhD scholarship in Concrete frost resistance – modelling frost attack DTU Civil Eng 24 NOV 17
PhD scholarship in Integrated Computational Modelling DTU Mechanical Eng 27 NOV 17
PhD Project in PACE – Proactive Care for Elderly People with Dementia DTU Compute 27 NOV 17
PhD Scholarship in Dosimetric characterization and therapeutic evaluation of radioactive gels for Brachytherapy DTU Nanotech 28 NOV 17
All vacant positions