Title Unit Deadline
Senior Researcher in Control Engineering DTU Wind Energy 29 MAR 18
Senior Microbial Engineer Center for Biosustainability 30 APR 18
Research Assistant in Strategical Maintenance Optimization DTU Mechanical Eng 20 APR 18
Research Assistant in Sensor-based Monitoring of Healthy Aging DTU Management Engineering 29 MAR 18
Research Assistant in Programming Neuromorphic Hardware for Adaptive Control DTU Electrical Eng 04 APR 18
Research Assistant in Machine Learning for Neuroimaging DTU Compute 04 APR 18
Research Assistant in Computational Analysis of Chemical Data for Toxicity Characterization in Life Cycle Impact Assessment DTU Management Engineering 30 MAR 18
Program Coordinator for Leadership Programs with Flair for Marketing DTU Business 15 APR 18
Professor in Engineering Systems Design Technical University of Denmark 09 APR 18
Professor (with special responsibilities) in Transport Economics Technical University of Denmark 02 APR 18
Postdocs in synthetic biology for CHO cell factories Center for Biosustainability 10 APR 18
Postdoc/Research Assistent in Formal Methods for Trust and Security DTU Compute 15 APR 18
Postdoc position in Theoretical Chemistry/Computational Spectroscopy DTU Chemistry 01 APR 18
Postdoc position in the field of Eigenvalue based Optical Communication DTU Fotonik 23 MAR 18
Postdoc position for Electro-Chemical CO and CO2 Hydrogenation DTU Physics 02 APR 18
All vacant positions