Title Unit Deadline
Senior Microbial Engineer Center for Biosustainability 30 APR 18
Postdoc in Metabolic Engineering of Thermotolerant Gram Positive Microorganisms Center for Biosustainability 29 MAR 18
Metabolic Engineering Team Leader Center for Biosustainability 30 MAR 18
Postdoc or Research Assistant positions within the area of Rock Mechanics - Radial water jet drilling Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 30 MAR 18
PhD scholarship: European eel larval nutrition and ontogeny of the digestive system DTU Aqua 29 MAR 18
PhD Scholarship in Marine Fisheries and Habitat Restoration DTU Aqua 10 APR 18
PhD Scholarship: By-product proteins in aquaculture feeds DTU Aqua 15 APR 18
Postdoc Fellowship: Development of functional screening approaches for assessment of bacterial adhesion and virulence DTU Bioengineering 04 APR 18
PhD scholarship in Sociomicrobiology DTU Bioengineering 25 MAR 18
Part-time postdoc position in computational diabetes systems biology DTU Bioinformatics 30 MAR 18
Associate Professor of Personalized Cancer Medicine and Bioinformatics DTU Bioinformatics 22 MAR 18
Associate Professor in Metagenomics and Bioinformatics DTU Bioinformatics 06 APR 18
PhD scholarship in Immuno-genomics and Systems Biology towards personalized medicine for MPN cancer DTU Bioinformatics 23 MAR 18
Data Manager DTU Bioinformatics 06 APR 18
Personal Assistant to Head of Department and Communication Officer at DTU Bioinformatics DTU Bioinformatics 06 APR 18
All vacant positions